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Education Scholarship recipients

DSC_0093In 2016, Y’abal initiated our newest social program with the communities of Pacutama and Chuicutama- educational scholarships! After countless informal conversations with community members over the importance of education for their children, it was obvious that education is a priority for the majority of the women and families we work with in Pacutama and Chuicutama. While most women and men have had little to no education, they want to provide an alternative future for their own children. Education is the hope they have for their children to escape poverty and have more options than they themselves do. But education as all things in Guatemala, has a cost, which is prohibitive for many poor and rural families in Guatemala.

DSC_0125Y’abal starts 2016 with 8 scholarship recipients- 4 girls and 4 boys from the communities of Pacutama and Chuicutama, rural communities in the region of Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan. Each of their families can use the funds to help pay for school supplies, tuition, inscription fees, or even transportation fees. Congratulations to Catarina, Carlos, Jose, Juan, Joel, Santos, Pascuala, Santa, and Micaela!

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