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Meet Santa

fair trade women artisans guatemala

To share with our customers more about the amazing women artisans behind our Yabal Fair Trade accessories line, today, we want to introduce you to Santa, the president of the weaving cooperative of Pacutama in the region of Santa Catarina in the western highlands of Guatemala.

Below is the english translation of the interview between Yabal volunteer, Kellie Shepherd Moeller, and Santa Guachiac y Guachiac.

Kellie: I want to present Santa, part of the leadership here.

 How many years having you been weaving?

Santa: 20 years

 What are your favorite projects to weave?

Huipiles (traditional blouses), fabrics… everything we are able to make

 And what are you making right now?

A huipil (traditional Mayan blouse)

 How has the work of Yabal helped your family?

It is benefiting us greatly because of all the work it’s giving us. We produce orders every two weeks or every week because Yabal always places orders. It is greatly benefiting the families- it helps us buy daily food.

 You work a lot with Yabal?

Yes, we are working very well with them because they have  gotten used to coming here with us and we have gotten used to them as well. And that’s how we are.

 Yabal has been working with you for 8 years now?

I think it’s 10 years

 many years…How have things changed in 10 years?

In the beginning when we began to work, we hardly had any experience with quality in our weavings but when they (Yabal) came, they always gave and still give us workshops and we learned to use rulers/measurements and, from there, now we are able to produce to the sizes that they want.

 Allison told me that you all weave very high quality

Yes yes because in each training they remind us to make the edges (of the fabric) well, that no threads escape, that the fabrics aren’t too loose. And in that way the women have learned.

 And have you seen the products in the Yabal store?

Yes. Like back-packs, scarves, and everything.

 And do you like them?

Yes, very very much.

 Thank you!

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