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Yabal Needs Your Help!

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Yabal just launched our 2017 crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo and we need your help in spreading the word! Please take a moment to visit the campaign here and make a small donation, share with your friends and family, and post on your facebook page.

Currently, around 60 indigenous women artisans depend on Yabal’s Fair Trade weaving project and social programs in order to feed and provide for their families.

All donations and all profits from the sale of Yabal products are used to fund social projects. We currently fund a scholarship program for children of the women weavers,  micro-credit loans to allow families to start businesses or rent farmland, maternity leave payments for pregnant weavers, and a women’s small business training program to teach women new skills in order to start their own businesses and earn extra income.

But in order to keep this important project going, we need YOUR help! We depend on your donations and product purchases to provide important jobs and social programs for these women. In return for your donation, we would like to send you one of our beautiful Yabal products- Fair Trade and handmade with love by these amazing artisans from our newest 2017 collection!

Please visit our fundraising page on Indiegogo to find out what we can do with your donation

Below are the product perks you can choose as a Thank YOU for your donation. These are all brand-spanking-new products from our 2017 collection:


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