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Introducing the Luna Collection

organic wool rug

Inspired by the evening sky and the rolling colors of a moon on the rise. The Luna collection reflects a diverse landscape of rolling hills and deep valleys. The dark shadows and soft reflections of light that only Guatemala can inspire. The Luna collection is a collaboration between Minneapolis designer Araya Jensen and Yabal, some of the most incredible artisans in Guatemala. This fair trade partnership has grown to include a full home collection including rugs, cushion covers, and wall tapestries. When you bring these pieces into your home, we hope you are reminded of this incredible countryside and those who make it beautiful.

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Yabal specializes in high end artisan production processes. We work together with designs and brands looking for ethical sourcing options for custom handmade design. Our team of artisans are masters of their craft, providing the highest quality in Guatemalan handmade design. For information on partnering with Yabal for custom design production and private label, contact us at info (at)

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