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Yabal’s 2020 Scholarships!

Yabal scholarship student

Yabal has awarded scholarships to eight youth, children of our women weavers to use towards middle school and high school for 2020. Our youth are excited for this opportunity to continue their studies and look forward to achieving their dreams.

Feliciana, above, is 13 years old and has just started 7th grade. She walks daily to a nearby town to attend the only middle school in the area. Education is a precious gift in rural Guatemalan communities. The high costs of school materials, transportation, uniforms, and in many cases private school tuition (as there are not public middle and high schools available in all communities) makes education difficult for families to provide for all of their children. Girls and women in particular have historically not recieved higher education past 6th grade- but we at Yabal see that slowly shifting as the community sees the importance in investing in girls and listening to women! Yabal’s yearly scholarships open up the world for these youth, allowing them to dream of a better future than what their parents had.  Thank YOU for helping us make these scholarships possible each year! 

If you’re interested in supporting our education program, please let us know! We always welcome the chance to provide even more opportunities for our artisan partners and their families! 

Meet the Yabal’s Scholarship Students below:

Yabal scholarship student

Juan is 14 years old and in 7th grade

Yabal scholarship student

Manuel is 13 and in 8th grade

Yabal scholarship student

Through Yabal’s social programs, eight youth were awarded scholarships

Yabal fair trade organization youth scholarships

Marta is 13 and in 8th grade

Yabal youth scholarships

Francisca is 16 and in 10th grade

Yabal scholarship student

Miguel is 14 and in 7th grade

Yabal Fair Trade scholarship student

Miguel is 16 and in 10th grade

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