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A Yabal handmade stuffed animal is the perfect gift for children!

These beautiful handmade stuffed animals will make a great friend to your kids, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren! Yabal’s stuffed animals are made with handwoven colorful cotton textiles from Guatemala.

Each stuffed animal is lovingly handmade by Yabal’s woman’s weaving cooperatives in rural Guatemalan communities. The cotton textiles used in Yabal’s stuffed animals are woven using the Mayan backstrap loom by woman artisans. The Mayan backstrap loom is a weaving tradition going back over 5,000 years old.

Each handmade stuffed animal features colorfast sturdy cotton fabrics with soft synthetic stuffing.

Choose from a variety of handmade stuffed animals:

· Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal
· Dragon Stuffed Animal
· Baby Dragon Stuffed Animal
· Seahorse Stuffed Animal
· Bird Stuffed Animal

Sea Turtle Stuffed Animal

The Sea Turtle stuffed animal is a great tool for teaching children about the importance of protecting the endangered Sea Turtles, that live and lay their eggs on the pacific coast of Guatemala. You can even plan a trip to Guatemala one day to help baby sea turtles release into the ocean at the beach in Monterrico. Buy a Guatemalan handmade stuffed animal in the Sea Turtle form to teach your kids about the turtles before you come!

Dragon Stuffed Animal

Dragons are mythical creatures that will be sure to delight children, especially one as colorful as Yabal’s Dragon stuffed animal! The multicolored fabrics in the stuffed animal will make this dragon a friendly and sweet night-time companion for any child.

Seahorse Stuffed Animal

Yabal’s handmade stuffed animal is a great way to teach children about the mysterious seahorse, an intriguing sea animal that can be found off the Guatemalan coast and in many parts of the world. The multicolor handwoven fabrics will make this seahorse stuffed animal a truly unique friend for any child.

Bird Stuffed Animal

Yabal’s bird stuffed animal is a fun multicolored textile friend. The bright colors in this handmade stuffed animal will capture the attention of any child. The story of the woman who made the fabric will be a great way to teach your children about artisan traditions around the world and help them appreciate handmade fabrics.

Yabal’s stuffed animals are not just for Adults

Yabal’s handmade stuffed animals are great for both young and old alike! Our stuffed animals make great funky pillow cushions for the couch or armchair and are great talking pieces for your living room. Yabal’s fair trade stuffed animals make great whimsy touches to your home decoration.

Buy your handmade stuffed animal online today

Buy any of Yabal’s handmade stuffed animals on our website and choose your favorite stuffed animal: dragon stuffed animal, baby dragon stuffed animal, seahorse stuffed animal, bird stuffed animal, or sea turtle stuffed animal!

Yabal offers these fair trade stuffed animals to customers around the world, each one is certified fair trade by the WFTO, ensuring fair wages are paid to artisans and profits are used for social projects in Guatemala.

When you buy a handmade stuffed animal from Yabal, you are providing an important income to a woman artisan in Guatemala. These stuffed animals make great gifts, not just to children, but to the artisans who made it in Guatemala! What better message to share with children than the importance in caring about the people who make your toys?