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Handmade wool area rug, ethical comfort and traditional beauty!

A handmade wool area rug can turn any space in your home into a splash of art and comfort. A carpet should be pleasantly soft on your feet and make your living space more welcoming. A soft natural wool area rug can help give you a new look and feel to those spaces. At Yabal you will find a selection of beautiful rugs and they are not only for the inside of your home. Our handwoven Fair trade wool rugs also make beautiful wall-hangings and wall-art.

If you like natural home decor, in our online store you can find a variety of practical and beautiful eco friendly wool rugs of high quality, made with 100% natural sheep wool and dyed with plants and natural minerals. A fair trade wool rug is a great gift for yourself and your home or for a friend or someone you love.

Thanks to the different colors and motifs, there is a suitable handmade wool area rug for every taste and style. Each natural wool area rug gives your home a personal touch!

Discover a variety of eco-friendly wool rugs, from the latest collection of Disco design, to our Luna Eclipse collection and Layered style. Yabal offers the highest quality fair trade wool rugs.

For more information about our natural wool area rugs, keep scrolling:

· Why is a handmade wool area rug the best option?
· Natural wool area rugs and the psychology behind choosing color and style
· Long live the rugs – how to care for your handmade wool area rug
· How do I order my natural wool area rugs online?

Why is a handmade wool area rug the best option?

The value of a natural wool area rug, of course, lies in its extreme durability. Our natural wool area rugs have the following characteristics:

– 100% Natural wool from local family farming, without the use of chemical pesticides.

– 100% Natural dyes such as elderberries, bark, plants, cochineal insects and indigo.

– 100% Artisanal and handmade; carded, spun, dyed and weaved by hand

– High quality, made with care on the traditional foot-loom by experienced artisans

– Certified by the World Fair Trade Organization as a Fair Trade product, ethically made

– Long-lasting and durable rug

Natural wool area rugs and the psychology behind choosing color and style

Rugs have a purpose and so does the color and the style of the rugs. Not sure if your favorite color is the best option for the intended area of the handmade wool area rug? In the Yabal assortment you can find a variety of eco-friendly wool rugs with different colors and styles.

Where will you place this wonderful, ethical, 100% natural wool area rug? Will it be a blue rug to instill a feeling of calm and relaxation in the bedroom, a yellow mustard rug to replace the vibrant sun in a bathroom without a window or a brick red area rug to stimulate vivid conversations in the dining room? Whatever color you choose, your new handmade wool area rug is bound to elicit positive reactions from anyone who enters the room.

The horizontal lines of our Layered natural wool area rug will automatically make any room you place it in feel wider than it actually is and the geometric design of this eco-friendly wool rug goes perfectly together with potted plants, the combination creates a feeling of harmony.

The playful and unique design of the Disco wool rugs will catch the eye and complete the style of any room, without being intrusive.

All of our handmade wool area rugs use traditional weaving patterns of Momostenango, creating elegant and cozy touches to your home. Whatever your choice, a natural wool area rug will bring personality and happiness to your living spaces, even on cloudy days!

Long live the rugs – how to care for your handmade wool area rug

Many times it’s enough to vacuum your rugs or shake it to get the dust off and hang it in a well ventilated place to freshen it up a bit. But accidents happen, and if you accidentally spill coffee or carrot soup on your handmade wool area rug, do not worry, you can treat the stain with wool safe detergent and then soak the rug in cold water for 15 minutes. Avoid hot water, as the wool fibers shrink in heat. The natural dyes in the fair trade wool rug are colorfast, so you do not need to worry about the colors fading. Then roll it up with a towel to remove the excess water and air-dry it. Your natural wool area rug will be as good as new.

How do I order my natural wool area rugs online?

Ordering your handmade wool area rug from Yabal could not be easier. Choose the category, pick your favorite rug and place it in the shopping cart; choose your preferred payment method and your new natural wool area rug will be at your doorstep within 2-3 weeks; the shipping costs are already included!

If you are a designer or have your own design in mind for the perfect fair trade wool rug, we offer custom production and we also offer special prices for wholesalers. Get in touch with us directly for more information!