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Yabal Fair Trade


Dear Clients and Supporters of Yabal,

As a small non-profit organization with 18 years of existence, Yabal Handicrafts has taken the decision to terminate our memberships in the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) as well as the FTF (Fair Trade Federation) as of 2023. After looking at the economic climate and the level of involvement or support given by these organizations, we’ve decided to allocate the membership costs and other fees towards paying artisans and toward social projects that directly benefit the communities we exist to serve. We continue to practice the fair trade standards such as fair pay to artisans, transparency with our clients, and commitment to sustainability while providing opportunities for the weavers to learn better practices and care for their environment. We are open to answer any questions or surveys about our work so that our clients may know us and feel confident in their collaboration with Yabal. With this mentioned, we introduce our own fair trade stamp, which will serve as a reminder that we continue to practice and apply the same fair trade standards as we always have.

We thank you for your support!

Yabal Administration

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