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Custom Design Services

private label custom design production

Is this you?

  • You are a designer, boutique  hotel, or artisan brand looking to source home decor or fashion accessories ethically
  • You care about quality and one-of-a-kind artisanal production techniques
  • Customer Service is important to you
  • Private label and custom design exclusivity is a must

Yabal would love to be your artisan partner in Guatemala! We specialize in Custom Made textiles and Private Label artisan products. All textiles are ethically made and fair trade certified, supporting Mayan artisans in Guatemala!

Based in the Guatemalan highlands, Yabal works closely with over 80 rural Mayan artisans to offer high quality custom made artisan products. Yabal is a Fair Trade certified organization, ensuring ethical production practices for all our products.

We coordinate custom design work between you and our team of  artisans to take your proprietary custom designs and turn them into beautiful handmade products. Yabal can help you navigate production options available for your original custom designs and will coordinate the sample-making and quality control process with our artisans, providing excellent communication and customer service along the way.

Yabal specializes in custom textile production, including wool blankets, wool rugs, handwoven cotton fabrics, handwoven Mayan brocade textiles, handwoven shawls and scarves, and the sewing and finishing of a variety of home decor and accessories, such as, pillowcases, cushions, bags, coin purses, placemats, napkins, wall-hangings, and much more.

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Yabal offers the following artisan products and production processes:

♥ Back-strap loom weaving

Yabal partners with 62 Mayan women weavers who use the traditional backstrap loom from three communities in the region of Solola. They offer the following:

  1. Embroidered brocade textiles with modern designs or modified traditional Mayan designs from Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan and Nahuala
  2. Rayon fabrics for shawls and scarves
  3. Woven cotton textiles (maximum size on backstrap is 22in wide x 3.6 yards)


Mayan backstrap loom weaving

Mayan backstrap loom weaving in Guatemala.

♥ Wool Weaving on the foot loom

Yabal supports two artisan workshops in Momostenango, the center of traditional sheeps wool weaving traditions in Guatemala. They offer the following:

  1. Wool blankets with either natural dyes or artificial dyes
  2. Wool Rugs with natural or artificial dyes
  3. Wool Pillowcases with natural or artificial dyes


Organic wool rugs

Organic wool rugs by Yabal artisans in Guatemala. Fair trade certified and custom made wool rugs available

♥ Foot Loom Weaving

Yabal supports a cooperative of women foot loom weavers in Cajola who are unique in Guatemala as foot loom weaving is traditionally a men’s weaving art. They offer:

  1. Metered rolls of cotton fabrics in a variety of weaving styles (maximum width is 35in and can make up to 100 meters per roll)
foot loom weaving in Guatemala

Metered cotton fabric made on foot loom in Guatemala

Why work with Yabal?

  • Bi-lingual customer service
    • Email updates, product photos, skype, clear and reliable communication, timely notice regarding delays or problems, and focus on problem-solving
  • Design confidentiality
    • We will never reproduce your designs for other clients.
  • International shipping coordination
  • Assurance of high quality production
    • “Translating” your ideas and designs into custom handmade Mayan production techniques with extra attention to detail
  • All profits fund our organization’s social programs
  • Photos of your products and information about the artisans who made them
  • Fair Trade certified!
    • Third party certified by IMO Cert to be a Fair Trade organization- which means extra credibility and security for your clients knowing their purchase is ethically produced


Contact Yabal for more information about Custom Made textiles and Private Label artisan products for your brand. 



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