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Multi-color Ranta Pillowcase


Multi-color Ranta Pillowcase


The Multi-color Ranta pillowcase is handwoven with ecological threads on the Mayan backstrap loom. The thread colors of the pillowcase are dyed using locally grown plants and minerals. For instance, the lilac color comes from elderberry, rose/red is from cochineal insects, green is from leaves, yellow from tree bark, and blue is from recycled denim jean threads (re-purposed factory waste from Guatemala City). The white threads are natural cotton. The embroidery design in the center is called “Rantas” and is hand-embroidered with thread and needle to join together two textile panels. It is a traditional technique used in cortes (traditional Mayan skirts) and huipiles (Mayan blouses) to join two panels of fabric together. Handwoven by cooperatives of Mayan women weavers in rural communities from Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Pillowcases measure 20in x 20in and feature inside lining and YKK zipper on bottom edge.

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Revive is an artisanal collection of handwoven textiles products. Our fabrics are handcrafted using the Mayan backstrap loom by cooperatives of Guatemalan indigenous artisans. Featuring ecological plant dyes, natural cotton, recycled denim threads, and natural sheep wool. Yabal is a Fair Trade organization dedicated to the empowerment of rural women artisans. All profits fund social programs for our weavers.

Woven with love, from our home, to yours!

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 in
Backing color

Mustard Yellow, Denim Blue