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Rules And Standards

1. Our relationship is based on solidarity, trust, and mutual respect. Everybody can freely express her/himself, without offending or harming others. We respect our differences and negotiate and communicate our differences through an open and direct dialogue.

2. All producers are equal and treated equally and offered the same opportunity to participate in the project, both regarding the distribution of the orders and regarding their participation in workshops and trainings offered by Y’abal Handicrafts.

3. Mutual Commitments. All individuals are committed to the general well being and progress of Y’abal Handicrafts. As for the producers, this means they:

a. Act responsible in meeting the (oral) agreements.

b. Deliver, within their capabilities, the best quality of fabrics.

c. Treat the woven fabrics with care.

d. Make their best effort to attend group meetings and visits of the organization and participate in workshops and trainings.

As for the organization, this means they are:

e. Committed to improve the quality, design and range of products and search for markets, in order to increase the volume of the sales as to ensure and possibly increase the incomes of the producers.

f. Committed to comply to the standards of fair trade to the best of its abilities – and continuously search to improve the organization’s fair trade policies. This implies, among others, a commitment to:

  • Trade with concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of the producers, including healthy and humane working conditions and encouragement of environmentally sound use of resources.
  • Share information on management and decision making, development plans and business practices in as far as relevant to the producers.
  • Involve the producers in the decision making that directly concerns them and their participation.
  • Provide opportunities for all individuals for self-development and for each group for capacity building.
  • Support projects and activities that improve the quality of life within the producers’ villages.
  • Promote fair trade and social justice, including awareness of and respect for cultural and traditional values and customs, on a national and international level.

4. Working Procedures and Agreements

a. Group members are at least 16 years old; no community member is forced to participate in the project; each individual has the right to join a trade union or worker committee of their choice.

b. Each producer group has chosen representatives whose primary tasks are to communicate directly with the organization, and to distribute the work and wages in a fair manner among the group members.

c.The organization seeks to visit the groups at least once a month to discuss developments within the project, to listen to group members’ experiences, ideas and opinions, and to take stock of the situation in the villages.

d.Price setting takes place in dialogue between the organization and the producers, within fair reason and considering the local context as well as the general market conditions.

e. The organization pre-finances 40-50% of the orders.

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