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The ideal handmade clutch bag for you!

Comfortable, beautiful and practical for going out and for traveling.

You have found your perfect accessory, from the strap to the lining: the handmade clutch you were looking for!

A clutch bag is an accessory that accompanies you on your trips or outings to make things more practical and comfortable. Still, choosing your style is a decision you do not want to take lightly. A sensible choice is a handmade clutch bag made from hand-woven natural cotton fabric. This material ensures that your handmade clutch does not wear out quickly.

Find out what type of bag you need, what the cotton strap is for, what types of closing options there are and other details to take into account when choosing your handmade clutch bag.

· What are the advantages of a handmade clutch bag?
· What is the difference between a Backpack, Clutch, Tote, Cross Body and a purse?
· What should I keep in mind when buying a handmade clutch bag?
· What materials are available for handmade clutch bags?
· How do I take care of my handmade clutch bag?

What are the advantages of a handmade clutch bag?

In general, handmade clutch bags protect your essential items, especially small items like cosmetics, keys, credit cards or your iPhone.

They also prevent important things from being lost. Your handmade clutch helps you keep your belongings in place. Moisture and dust do not affect your clutch bag. You just have to put it in the washing machine. The handmade clutch bag ensures the natural flow of air through its beautiful fabric.

Coin problems? If you have a lot of them, store them in the small zippered pocket on the back. It will also help you have your hands free, since with a handmade clutch you can wrap the cotton strap around your wrist so that you do not lose sight of it.

What is the difference between a Backpack, Clutch, Tote, Cross Body and a Purse?

A handmade clutch bag is the general name for a hand-woven clutch with beautiful brocade designs.

Without a doubt, a Backpack is more spacious and allows you to carry everything you need: makeup, your iPhone, your wallet, even a bottle of water. It is the ideal option when you’re away from home for a longer period of time during the day. On the other hand, a handmade clutch bag can be a perfect accessory to wear with evening wear. That does not mean that you cannot use it during the day and complete your outfit with an elegant touch.

A handmade clutch generally has beautiful geometric brocades, slightly different and varied, depending on the artistic inspiration of its weaver. The Coin Purse is a cute clutch hand embroidered clutch with beautiful patterns. A cute clutch is mainly used to carry money, coins or your credit cards.

If you need to carry more things, a handmade Cross Body clutch is always the best option. They are ideal for easy transport, you can carry them comfortably on your shoulder or arm. Plus, a handmade Cross Body bag deters thieves and keeps your belongings close and safe.

There are many options when choosing a handmade clutch, especially if you want to customize your outfit. A Tote will give you an elegant style, with thin half-handle straps, that distribute the weight better and interior pockets to store the most valuable things. They are perfect on sunny spring or summer days.

What should I keep in mind when buying a handmade clutch bag?

If you want to buy a handmade clutch bag, analyze how big the items are that you usually carry with you. If you are going to be out for a long day, you should adjust the size to your handmade clutch. As a rule, stick to the size of your mobile phone. The most popular sizes include:

· Handmade clutch bag, Maya Clutch 8x5x2 in
· Handmade clutch bag, Maya Coin Purse 6x5x2 in
· Handmade clutch bag, Maya Cross Body Purse 7.5×4.5 (strap 48 in)
· Handmade clutch bag, Zig Zag Tote 14x11x4 in
· Handmade clutch bag, Striped Tote Bag 14x11x4 in

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It is best to choose a handmade clutch bag that is made with a resistant material such as leather. On the other hand, suede and cotton are especially pleasant for your skin. Materials that can be washed above 60° are especially suitable for allergy sufferers. If your hands sweat a lot or you want to keep your belongings safe, a cool or absorbent brocade option is a good investment because it will trap moisture.

So that the handmade clutch bags are easy to transport and do not slip, make sure they have adjustable straps or handles with which you can fix them. These details also give your handmade clutch a comfortable style to wear and easy to access while shopping.

What materials are there for handmade clutch bags?

The choice of materials is also important for handmade clutch bags, because if you have allergies or sensitive skin, these factors can affect your experience. Here we present the most common materials:

Natural materials

· Cotton fiber fabric, ecological and natural. This fabric is soft and regulates humidity.
· Natural plant -and mineral dyes are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Mixed fabrics

· In various proportions of cotton, canvas, leather, suede, etc.
· Natural materials absorb moisture, recycled canvas makes your bag more resistant.

Recycled materials

· Recycled fibers from denim jeans.
· A handmade recycled fiber clutch will not wear out quickly, so it will go with you to many places.

How do I take care of my handmade clutch bag?

So that you can enjoy your handmade clutch bag for a longer time, take into account the following:

– Treat stains with gentle soap before washing.

– Hand wash with gentle detergent

– Leather details, such as the straps can be cleaned with a home made solution made of one part vinegar and one part water, then wiped clean with a clean wipe or sponge.