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Meet Paulina

yabal fair trade women artisans

An interview by Yabal volunteer, Kellie Shepherd Moeller, and Paulina Guachiac Guachiac (one of the leaders of the weaving cooperative from the community of Chuicutama). There are four young women leaders of the Pacutama/Chuicutama fair trade weaving cooperative of Yabal. They distribute the weaving orders between the rest of the 35 women, calculate prices and thread quantities, teach new designs, and facilitate group decisions and discussions with the cooperative. The english translation of the video is below:

Whats your name?

Paulina Guachiac Guachiac

What’s your son’s name?


How many years have you been weaving with Yabal?

 8 years

Wow that’s a long time… What is your favorite (weaving) project?

The embroideries

How has this work been helping your family?

Yabal’s weavings are helping because, for me, I have two sons and my oldest son is 7 years and is studying in school and I buy his notebooks, back-packs… I can maintain my family and buy things for them.

Thank you very much!

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