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Ethical Custom Product Production, made to order!

ethical custom production

Is this you?…

∇   You are a designer, boutique  hotel, or fashion line looking for a way to source your home decor or fashion accessories in an ethical and sustainable process.

∇  You want to outsource your production in a way that empowers artisans.

∇  You care about quality and one-of-a-kind handmade techniques

∇ Customer Service is important to you.

…. If you answered YES to any of the above, Yabal is for you!

Based in the Guatemalan highlands, Yabal works closely with over 60 rural indigenous artisans to offer high quality artisanal product production. Custom design ethical productionWe coordinate custom design work between you and our team of women artisans (back-strap loom weavers, seamstresses, foot-loom weavers, and wool weavers) to take your designs and turn them into beautiful ethically-made products. Yabal can help you navigate production options available for your designs and will coordinate the sample-making and quality control process with our artisans, in addition to providing regular and efficient communication and customer service.


Why work with Yabal?

∇  Great bi-lingual customer service (email updates, product photos, skype, clear and reliable communication, direct and timely heads-up regarding delays or problems, and we will work together to solve them)

∇  Design confidentiality- we will never reproduce or offer your designs to other clients.

∇  International shipping coordination

∇  Assurance of high quality production. We “translate” your ideas and designs into custom handmade Mayan production techniques- we have over 10 years of experience and rapport working closely with our artisan team. 

∇  We provide photos of your products and information about the artisans who made them.

∇   Fair Trade certified! We are third party certified by IMO Cert to be a Fair Trade organization- which means extra credibility and security for your clients knowing their purchase is ethically produced and empowering women in Guatemala!

ethical productionYabal a Fair Trade certified organization with our principal mission being to provide sustainable work opportunities to our women’s artisan cooperatives. By sourcing your products through Yabal, you directly provide ethical employment to over 60 rural women in Guatemala. In addition, your purchase supports additional social programs for our artisan communities, such as educational scholarships for their children, business training and vocational workshops, environmental programs, and more.

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Custom design production

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